Thursday, March 10, 2016

QR Codes to showcase student work!

Hello there this is Ronalea!
In December I decided that I would create at LEAST one lesson that produced a QR code that would link to a student work sample! This was the project we did in December "Techy Santa"

My students love to create art, so I always try to link art to my thematic units. For this assignment I purchased the Techy Santa on TPT by Reagan Tunstall I thought it was totally adorable and my students loved that Santa had glasses and an iPad! If you scan the QR codes you will get a digital wish list! I had my students take a PDF and use PicCollage to add pictures and text for what they would like for Christmas. My favorite part about the QR codes is my students LOVE to walk around and scan each others QR codes and check out their classmates work! 

In January we were practicing writing and reading "How To" so my students used Telligami to record a reading passage about how to build a snowman and I made them a QR code to showcase their awesome work!

In F February we made these sweet little bees and they looked so bright an cheery in our room they made my heart happy! I purchased the bee template on TPT by Kindergarten Smiles. Then for the QR code we used a green screen to get a candy heart background and used photo props to take pictures, my kiddos then made these photos into ChatterKids where the mouth moves and you can record 30 seconds. My students read a fluency passage about Valentines day. I was so sad when I had to take this project down. 

Now for the March QR code! We did a guided drawing of Cat in the Hat, and then wait for it... my kids did a RESEARCH project on Dr. Seuss! It totally knocked my socks off!!!! WE used ShadowPuppetsEdu my new favorite app that allows you to make great "slideshows" and use your voice to narrate, and you can even add background music!!!

Stay tuned I plan to share all my lesson plans and give step by step directions on the "tech" part of each lesson! Let me tell you first graders love to see and share their tech projects!

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